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Some waves 

a wave of now
a trombone speaking to you

a piano is trying to break a molecule
is trying to lift the stage into orbit
around the red spotlights

a shadow
the shadows of dancers
dancers they are dancing falling
out that space made for dancing

they should dance
on the tables they should
dance inside of their drinks
they should dance on the
ceiling they should dance/dance

thru universes
we are traveling
where are we going
if we only knew
with this rhythm with
this banging with fire
with this all this    
O my god i wonder 
where are we going

sink into a room full of laughter
full of happiness full of life
those dancers
are clapping their hands
stomping their feet
hold back them tears
all those sentimental stories
cooked uptown if you can hold it for after

we are going
beyond these wooden tables
beyond these red lights
beyond these rugs & paper
walls beyond way past
i mean way past them clouds
over the buildings over the
rivers over towns over cities
like on rails but faster like
a train but smoother
away past stars
bursting with drums.

Latin & Soul by Victor Hernandez Cruz






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