Kamryn Belle is a singer, songwriter and performer, born in Surinam in South America. For the most part she was raised in Western Europe, but her exotic roots shine through in almost everything that she does. Her debut-album 'Sway' is a genuine melting-pot of genres, styles and moods, yet all songs have one common denominator: the truly unique voice of Kamryn Belle.

All eleven songs on 'Sway' are produced, recorded and mixed by Tony Platt. The way the collaboration with the acclaimed music producer came about is typical for the way Kamryn thinks and operates: "I was working on a reggae-track and wanted advice on how to get that authentic reggae-sound, so I decided to go directly to the heart of the matter and get in touch with somebody who has actually worked with Bob Marley."

Enter Tony Platt, who insists that he was immediately taken by Kamryn's remarkable voice. "The combination of her distinct voice and unique personality is what got me interested in working with Kamryn. It's not that often that I hear such authentic, new talent and the moment I first heard her sing, I knew I wanted to work with Kamryn." 

The sound and songs on 'Sway' complement Kamryn's voice. Sensual yet sophisticated, sometimes lush and joyous, at other times rather frivolous and challenging. Different, yet daring, suave and... sway. Ten out of eleven songs on 'Sway' are self-written, a cover of Earha Kitt's 'Where Is My Man' is the odd one out.

Although relatively new to the scene, Kamryn Belle has already enjoyed success in her native Surinam, something of which she is very proud. With 'Sway' she wants to take her career to the next level. Says Kamryn: "This album is such a labour of love and now that it's finished, I want as many people as possible to hear it and enjoy the music. From now on my focus will be on performing the songs to live audiences, I love to sing and play for people who embrace my music. When I play live with my band I want to offer more than just a regular music performance, I want to entertain people as well. To play as many shows as we can to as many people as possible, that is my immediate ambition and we will take it from there..."